New website design

I know I haven't posted anything in a very long time, but this doesn't mean that I ignored our common hobby.

Actually, I was busy working on the new version of my website. What's new?

- an upgraded, mobile friendly design
- more details for the caps: top text/picture, side text, inner text/picture, factory sign, damage level, similar caps
- ability to search for picture caps, by category (e.g. Animals, Birds, Buildings etc.)
- ability to search for caps by the year they were issued

The filters and extra details I mentioned above won't be noticeable in the beginning, because I didn't have the time to go through the caps and add these details, but in time you will see the difference.

Thanks for visiting!

384 new caps

I've finally managed to add into the database the caps I received during the last month: 384 new caps, including caps from 5 new countries (Guadeloupe, Andorra, South Sudan, Turkmenistan and Botswana).

I would also like to thank Mike Wright, for a fantastic donation of about 180 US caps, many of them new to my collection. Cheers, mate!

Caps from Malta

I've been actively trading lately, and today I received another package, this time from Malta. It contained many Maltese caps:

11 new countries

A few days ago I received a package containing 11 caps, all from countries new for my collection. They bring up the number of countries in my collection to the somewhat round figure of 170. The 200 countries barrier is getting closer. :)

Large package of caps

Last week I received the largest pack so far: 450 caps, from which about 400 were beer caps. About 260 of them were new for my collection. I spent many, many hours arranging them by country, making photos and then inserting them into the database and I\'m finally done! Below you can see some of the nicer caps from the pack:

Back from the dead

During the last few months I didn't have a lot of time to manage my collection and especially the website.

Since my last article, on the 10th of January, many things have happened. The most important of them all was the 2nd meeting of the crown cap collectors from Bucharest, which took place sometime in mid February. This time we were glad to also welcome 2 beer label collectors. Hopefully, in time, our numbers will grow.

I also had a few trades, some of which were great. I received some great caps from New Zealand and some smaller neighboring countries, including a cap from Fiji (which represents a new country for my collection), a new cap from Papua New Guinea and a second Vailima cap from Samoa!

Soon, I'll post some of the nicer caps I got..

Vailima beer cap

I've been looking for a beer cap from Samoa for a long, long time. Luckily, while browsing on the Internet for collectors which might have Samoan caps, I stumbled upon David Collis from New Zealand. We agreed on a small, but useful trade for both sides, and my dream came true. Here's the new Star in my collection: :)

The 1st Romanian crown caps collectors meeting

A few days ago, on the 21th of August, I took part at the first Romanian crown caps collectors meeting. 5 collectors took part at the meeting which took place at a pub in downtown Bucharest. We had a lot of fun talking and especially exchanging crown caps. I came home with around 70 caps new to my collection.

A few of them, below:

Trade in Bucharest

A few days ago I had a meeting with another crown caps collector from Bucharest, Dan Oprescu.

We exchanged a little over 40 caps. Here are a few of the caps I got:

Large pack from Hungary

I've just received a very large pack of caps (over 100) from my friend Daniel Mirk in Hungary! Most of them are new for my collection. Thank you very much Dani!

A few images below:

17 new countries for my collection

Today I received a fantastic pack containing caps from 23 rare countries, 17 out of which represent new countries for my collection! Thank you Rene!

Below you can see a few of them:


Hinano Beer: a new addition to my collection. The crown cap is nice and the beer is pretty tasty.

New caps from Norway

Today I have added 35 new beer caps to my collection, all from Norway. Thank you Leif!

Here are some of them:

Database is up-to-date!

I've finally managed to bring the database up-to-date. It took me hundreds of hours to take the pictures and fill in the details for every single cap, but it's definitely been worth while. Unfortunately, there are still some caps for which I wasn't able to find any information. If you could help me identify any of the Unknown caps in my collection I would be grateful.

If you'd like to trade with me, please contact me at

Welcome to!

My name is Dan Ionescu and I am a crown cap collector from Bucharest, Romania. I collect beer caps from all over the world. I am a member of the community (CCI #826).

I've started collecting beer caps in the autumn of 2008. Initially, I collected only caps from the beers I personally consumed and I thought I was the only one to have such an uncommon passion. :) But after just a few months I found out that there was an entire community of crown cap collectors on the internet. In January 2009 I did my first trade. At that time my collection contained only around 100 different caps.

Over the years my collection grew and at this moment I have around 2000 caps from more than 100 countries.

My main goal is to expand the number of countries in my collection, so if you have for trading beer caps from any of the countries I don't have in my collection, please contact me and maybe we can arrange a trade.

The website was just recently launched, so I didn't yet have the time to upload many images and information about the caps in my collection. In time I will bring my database up to date with all the caps I own. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through my collection.

Enjoy your stay!



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